This project aims to install Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems along specific toll roads. CCTV is an important surveillance technology for monitoring traffic conditions, security, and safety on toll roads. The installation of CCTV on toll roads has several main objectives:

  1. Enhancing Security: Installing CCTV along toll roads aims to enhance the security of toll road users and prevent crimes such as theft, robbery, and traffic accidents. With clear visual recordings, authorities can identify perpetrators and take necessary action quickly.
  2. Traffic Monitoring: CCTV is also used to monitor traffic conditions on toll roads. By installing CCTV cameras at strategic points such as intersections, bridges, and hazardous curves, authorities can monitor traffic flow in real-time and respond quickly to incidents such as accidents or congestion.
  3. Road Safety Monitoring: CCTV can help monitor toll road safety by observing driver behavior and road conditions. For example, CCTV can be used to detect drivers violating traffic rules, such as speeding or changing lanes without signaling.
  4. Traffic Incident Investigation: CCTV recordings are also useful in investigating traffic incidents such as accidents. With accurate visual recordings, authorities can analyze the chronology of events and determine contributing factors to improve toll road safety in the future.
  5. Accident Prevention: Through strict surveillance using CCTV, preventive measures can be taken to reduce the risk of accidents on toll roads. For example, by monitoring drivers engaging in dangerous behaviors such as drunk driving or running red lights, authorities can take preventive steps to reduce the risk of accidents.

In this project, planning for CCTV installation locations, selection of appropriate CCTV devices, installation of supporting infrastructure such as support poles and network connections, and configuration of monitoring and data management systems will be conducted. The project team will collaborate with authorities, toll road authorities, and construction contractors to ensure the smooth implementation of the project and compliance with all applicable security and privacy standards.

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