About us

Consistent with our company name, we provide integrated services that aim to solve problems with synergy in mind. We offer support services, outsourcing, and complete operations takeover. We realize in this era of entrepreneurship and innovation, seeds of a unicorn will require more than just endless funding to thrive. They need support and solution for sustainable growth – something that we offer and competent at.

Our history

Founded in 2012, our sole focus was becoming a “one-stop solution” for technology companies looking for effective procurement for software and hardware. 6 years later, we went on to apply our competence in enterprise service to help major companies like National Banks to outsource their operations, administration, and development.

We then realize that if even large companies require collaboration to grow, then the demand would even be larger in the micro, small, and medium enterprises. In line with Indonesia’s government to support the growth of UMKM (SME), we offer our proven service to the larger segment, effectively becoming the first and only company in Indonesia to offer such a service.


To become a system provider who is trusted by users of all levels.


  • Providing ready-to-use, easy-to-use services
  • Provide a system with the highest level of information transparency
  • Making information technology more accessible all people
  • Continually follows the trend and innovation to keep up with time
  • To analyze the client’s requirements holistically in order to provide the most appropriate solution provide the most appropriate solution


  • Not afraid to do trial and error to improve our solutions
  • Active communication with clients to improve service quality
  • Equal priority in preventive and reactive actions
  • Think critically and logically before making decisions
  • Being proactive with a sense of belonging ​provides the most appropriate solution​

As of 16th of April, on our 1st-anniversary post-acquisition, we changed our logo from a royalty-free vector to an in-house, patented logo designed by one of our shareholders.

First logo pre-acquisition
Placeholder logo post-acquisition
Current logo

Logo philosophy

The new logo is a ‘fusion’ between the previous royalty-free image and the very first logo used pre-acquisition. We maintain the combination of blue color which is identic to the tech world, as well as green identical to financial profits. The third hue is a combination of both, so that the three colors represent each words in our name: Navy for synergy, blue for solution, and green for integration.

Our logo was intended to be horizontal, similar to the word ‘S’, but it is agreed that the visual cue provides negative vibe due to the ‘tail’ existing on the lower end, indicating bad luck in Chinese philosophies and resembling a downfall of stocks chart. We then flipped it to vertical orientation, representing the dynamics of up and downs in life, while maintaining values that journey must be ended on upward position – this is shown by the color navy which only has open ends on the top.

Portfolio and clients

Bank Mandiri trusted us to take over the operations and administrative aspects of prepay top-up services in toll roads. In one year, we managed to increase the service coverage to more than 100%, as well as increasing SLA to 95% and turning losses into profit.

We have assisted PT. Jasamarga Tollroad Operator and PT. SoftorbTechnology Indonesia to procure massive amounts of project materials to provide them with timely lead times, best price, post-sales support, and easier financing. like Blue Bird Persero, Hutama Karya, Jasamarga Semarang Gempol, and Angkasa Pura Sarana Digital to deploy human-driven services for public satisfaction.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Bank Negara Indonesia collaborate with us, enabling them to be more agile in developing devices to expand their service coverage to the public.

Trusted by 100+ businesses in various industries in Indonesia.

We realize in this era of entrepreneurship and innovation, the seeds of a unicorn will require more than just endless funding to thrive. They need support and solutions for sustainable growth – something we offer and are competent at.