Join us

As a young company, we prefer talents that love introducing initiatives and new things, strengthening our synergy, and shaping our future. There is no competition within us, no seniority between the ranks, and every decision is based on numbers and reasoning.


We sorted our talent into three divisions based on their competence


  • The spearhead and face of our company
  • Can’t stand sitting for long in the office
  • Loves to network and communicate
  • Background in marketing, communication, and hardware preferred


  • Jack of all trades
  • Adapts quickly
  • Ensuring other’s needs are fulfilled
  • Background in management and information systems preferred


  • Numbers loving and great attention to details
  • Dating with data and documents all the time
  • The financial backbone of our company
  • Background in finance, accounting, or administration preferred

About our team

We are Aibou

AIBOU (相棒 Aibō) in Japanese means ‘partner’, someone we fully trust to solve problems together.

AIBOU is required to uphold the values reflected in our company name, which are to have synergy, be solution-focused, and ensure integrity.

Our daily routine

We blast Spotify or YouTube music while working. There are laughs and giggles every 7 minutes, rounded down.

We support both collaborative desks and private spaces because we know ideas can come while being together or in solitary.


  • Strategic location: between Jakarta and Tangerang, two major cities in Indonesia
  • Cafes, restaurants, and street foods are available within 5 minute’s drive radius or 15 15-minute walk
  • No silly odd-even traffic policy in the area or the road access
  • Monthly free lunch and workshops
  • Birthday celebration on the house
  • Bonding activities
  • There are cats for moral support

Other info

  • Dress code: we don’t care, but don’t come naked
  • Working Hours: In 7 to 9, and out 4 to 6. Standard as others, and flexible in rare cases.
  • Overtime: Paid to prorate, but we never encourage it!
  • Pets and Children: Only pets are allowed, must befriend our cats
  • Remote Working: Allowed occasionally
  • Accommodation: We provide dedicated office vehicles and access to Grab for Business.
  • We have monthly paid leave, and special paid leave (marriage, religious obligations, etc)
  • Annual company outing
  • Incentives: KPI bonus, annual bonus, 0% interest loans, education allowance