CIJAGO – Long Booth

This project aims to install toll booths or toll plazas at strategic points along specific toll roads. Toll booths or plazas are essential facilities in the management and operation of toll roads, with several main objectives:

  1. Toll Collection: Toll booths or plazas are used to collect tolls from toll road users. These facilities are equipped with electronic and manual payment systems that allow toll road users to pay tolls according to the distance they travel.
  2. Traffic Regulation: Toll booths or plazas also play a role in regulating traffic flow on toll roads. By installing toll booths at strategic points, it can ensure that all vehicles pay tolls according to applicable rates and reduce congestion at toll gates.
  3. Security Inspection: Toll booths or plazas can also be used to conduct security inspections on passing vehicles. For example, CCTV cameras or sensors can be installed to detect suspicious vehicles or hazardous cargo.
  4. Data Collection: Toll booth or plaza facilities can also be used to collect data on traffic volume, travel patterns, and toll road user profiles. This data can be used for traffic analysis, toll road planning, and the development of more efficient toll rate policies.

In this project, planning for the installation locations of toll booths or plazas, design and construction of building structures, installation of electronic and manual toll payment systems, and configuration of traffic regulation and security systems will be conducted. The project team will collaborate with authorities, toll road authorities, and construction contractors to ensure the smooth implementation of the project and compliance with all applicable safety, comfort, and efficiency standards.

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