CIJAGO – APIIL (Alat Pemberi Isyarat Lalu Lintas)

This project aims to install a traffic information control system at various strategic points along specific toll roads. The traffic information control system is a system used to provide information and instructions to toll road users regarding traffic conditions, safety warnings, and other relevant important information related to toll road usage.

Here are some of the main objectives of installing the traffic information control system on toll roads:

  1. Real-Time Information Delivery: This system will provide real-time traffic information to toll road users, such as congestion, accidents, or road repairs. This helps drivers make informed decisions and choose alternative routes if necessary.
  2. Safety Enhancement: By providing warnings about hazards on the toll road, such as bad weather conditions, road closures, or accidents, the traffic information control system can increase driver awareness and reduce the risk of accidents.
  3. Traffic Flow Management: This system can also be used to manage traffic flow by providing instructions to drivers, such as speed limits or directions to maintain a safe distance between vehicles.
  4. Travel Efficiency Improvement: By providing accurate and timely information, the traffic information control system can help toll road users avoid congestion and expedite their journeys.
  5. Better Customer Service: This system can also be used to provide information about facilities and services along the toll road, such as rest area locations, fuel stations, or rest stops.

In this project, planning for the installation locations of the traffic information control system, procurement of necessary hardware and software, installation of supporting infrastructure such as support poles and network connections, and configuration of control and information management systems will be conducted. The project team will collaborate with authorities, toll road authorities, technology providers, and construction contractors to ensure the smooth implementation of the project and compliance with all applicable safety, comfort, and efficiency standards.

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