RODA – Readily on Demand Assistance, is more than just outsourcing. Giving flexibility and choice for our clients, we allow big corporation to be more agile and help small to medium enterprise getting an edge against bigger players.

Eliminate Cost

Eliminate time

Eliminate Trouble

Eliminate Risk

Costs eliminated

Job vacancy and advertising

Headhunter agency

Mandatory insurance fees (BPJS, etc)

Pension fees

Paid leave

Premise fees: rent, electricity, water, gas, telecommunication

IT and security system

Computer or laptop investment

Furniture and facilities

Mandatory annual holiday bonus

Times eliminated

Training and onboarding

Recruiting, interviewing, negotiating, offering

Administering payroll

Performance review

Designing and running KPI evaluation

Troubles eliminated

Paperwork for contract

Background checking and vetting

Dealing with employment law and authorities

Dealing with leave and compensation

Dealing with payroll

Health and safety obligations

Unproductive employee

Liability for employees

Confidentiality Ensured

Secure Transmission of Data

Secure Data Storage

Non-Disclosure agreement

Encrypted data processing

Estimated Cost Savings


  • Job listing: 500.000 IDR to 3 million IDR
  • Headhunter agency: 10-25% of the candidate’s annual salary
  • Utilities and inventories: 5 million IDR per person
  • Furniture and facilities: 500.000 IDR per person
  • Annual mandatory bonus: equal to 1 month of employee’s salary


  • Transportation: up to 800.000 IDR per person per month
  • System and solutions: 1 million IDR per person per month
  • Mandatory insurance: over 10% of the employee’s monthly salary
  • Paid leave: 14% of employee’s annual salary
  • Premise costs: at least 5 million IDR per month for rented premise


  • Performance incentive
  • Severance pay, up to 10 times employee’s monthly salary
  • Liability for employees’s injury and accident

Estimated time Savings

  • Training and onboarding, approximately 24 to 40 hours
  • Recruiting, interviewing, negotiating, offering, approximately 60 to 80 hours
  • Administering payroll, approximately 4 hours a month
  • Performance review, up to 2 hours per person per month
  • Designing and running KPI evaluation, over 12 hours
  • Paperwork for the contract, 1 hour per person hired
  • Background checking and vetting, up to 14 days
  • If someone quits your company, finding a replacement can take thirty to ninety days.

How and How Much?

As simple as counting:

  1. Tell us how we can help
  2. We propose solutions
  3. Enjoy commitment-free help

Pay based on your needs:


Commitment free help based on your required time

  • Per hour
  • Per day
  • Per month


Need an extra hand on a project? Indonesian prefer to call it ‘borongan’

Specific-task based

Perfect if you require specific specialties of our staffs.


We do not charge and instead gets a percentage of the net income. Consider this to be a capital investment, but instead of money, it’s extra sets of hands.

How we do things?

We employ modern software to ensure our staff productivity and ensure zero bottlenecks on our projects. As a client, you will be able to monitor us to ensure that not a single second went wasted.

Microsoft 365 Suite:

  • Onedrive and Sharepoint (cloud storage)
  • Teams (enterprise communication)
  • Microsoft Planner and To-Do (kanban and project control)
  • Delve and Analytics (productivity analysis)


Our productivity tracker that enables the highest degree of integrity, Jibble takes desktop screenshots on a random interval, as well as mouse movements, keyboard strokes, and also tracking what application is being used. If required, we can output Jibble report for you to review.


Our preferred Human Resources software that enables geolocation tracking, automated payroll process, employee self-service for leave and attendance requests. It allows us to focus on more things that matter, not paperwork. If required, we can output Talenta’s attendance report for you to review.

How We Can Help:

Administrative Support Service

Documents drafting: letters, quotations, offerings

Finding and comparing suppliers

Client follow-up

Filling and submitting application forms

E-procurement administration

Chart for workflow administration

Arrange meetings, including location shortlisting based on budget and proximity

New business processing 

Backoffice setup and management

Data visualization

Due diligence

Proactive pipeline management

Client onboarding

Client correspondence

Client ID verification


Data harvesting and mining

Transform data into meaningful reports

Document control and management

Physical to electronic filing

Transcribe notes from audio & handwriting

User requirement documentation and administration

Email sorting and management 

CRM & database management

Events and ticket booking

Inventory procurement and management

Legal document review

Management-Level Implementation

Implement enterprise solution with local support options

Human Resources strategic planning

Access control and hardware securities

Security and compliance deployment

Digital workplace implementation

Operations Assistance

Project financing

Frontliner outsourcing

Contact centre outsourcing

Technical support outsourcing

Cash transit, storage, and management

Security Personel

Civil project consulting and planning

Research and Implementation

Software and hardware development

End-user testing

User requirement analysis

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