Operations Takeover

Bank Mandiri trusted us to take over the operations and administrative aspects of prepay topup services in toll roads. In one year, we managed to increase the service coverage to more than 100%, as well as increasing SLA to 95% and turning losses into profit.

This demonstrates our competence in financial modelling, risk handling, technology-assisted administration, and people management.

Services Deployment

We partnered with major companies like Blue Bird Persero, Hutama Karya, Jasamarga Semarang Gempol, and Angkasa Pura Sarana Digital to deploy human-driven services for public satisfaction.

The ongoing partnership requires us to be proficient in SOP (standard operating procedure) planning, recruitment, training, evaluation and being human-centric in all decision-making process.

Procurement Assistance

We have assisted PT. Jasamarga Tollroad Operator and PT. Softorb Technology Indonesia to procure massive amounts of project materials to provide them with timely lead times, best price, post-sales support, and easier financing.

This is possible thanks to our strong financial capabilities supported by vast network of supplier and vendors, enabling us to maintain a strong and sustainable supply chain.

Device Development

Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Bank Negara Indonesia collaborate with us, enabling them to be more agile in developing devices to expand their service coverage to the public.

We’ve shown our strength in research. development, security assessment, and user experience mapping which allows us to collaborate with national banks of Indonesia.