How and How Much?

As simple as counting:

  1. Tell us how we can help
  2. We propose solutions
  3. Enjoy commitment-free helps

See here regarding how we can help

How Much Exactly?

We are not sure either, it depends on your requirement, but we do have several ways of charging


Commitment free help based on your required time

  • Per hour
  • Per day
  • Per month


Need an extra hand on a project? Indonesian prefer to call it ‘borongan’

Specific-task based

Perfect if you require specific specialties of our staffs.


We do not charge and instead gets a percentage of the net income. Consider this to be a capital investment, but instead of money, it’s extra sets of hands.

How we do things?

We employ modern software to ensure our staff productivity and ensure zero bottlenecks on our projects. As a client, you will be able to monitor us to ensure that not a single second went wasted.

Microsoft 365 Suite:

  • Onedrive and Sharepoint (cloud storage)
  • Teams (enterprise communication)
  • Microsoft Planner and To-Do (kanban and project control)
  • Delve and Analytics (productivity analysis)


Our productivity tracker that enables the highest degree of integrity, Jibble takes desktop screenshots on a random interval, as well as mouse movements, keyboard strokes, and also tracking what application is being used. If required, we can output Jibble report for you to review.


Our preferred Human Resources software that enables geolocation tracking, automated payroll process, employee self-service for leave and attendance requests. It allows us to focus on more things that matter, not paperwork. If required, we can output Talenta’s attendance report for you to review.