Business Development

You will:

  • Assist the function of our existing operations while spearheading the new business line
  • Be constantly on the move to meet our existing and new clients
  • Make decisions based on the numbers presented by our data admins
  • Mark potentials client and dare to eliminate the non-essentials
  • Negotiate and communicate a lot, with lots of people from different backgrounds
  • Probe and analyse our client’s requirement 

You are expected to:

  • Demonstrate analytical skills for both communications and numbers
  • Use data to support your presentation and make decisions
  • Have excellent communication skills, especially negotiation and presentation
  • Show passion and affection for socializing and networking
  • Have 0% fear to take initiatives and voice opinion
  • Perform effortlessly in both solo and co-op mode
  • Have ‘confidence’ as your middle name
  • Be in your early or mid 20s

In addition, we will love you even more if you:

  • Have a strong social media presence
  • Are a good looking personality
  • Demonstrate proficient English in both writing and speaking
  • A number loving person
  • Have experiences working in software or hardware company
  • Can juggle tasks effortlessly

We will:

  • Reimburse any costs associated with your operations, including but not limited to transportation, entertainment, and communication
  • Provide you with the best working environment you will experience so far
  • Provide you with skills and knowledge not only essential to your current career, but also your future
  • Give you bonus and incentives for outstanding performance based on the Key Performance Indicator